Another month means another load of Stitch Alongs and this month was a real treasure! So what were the candidates for “Stitch of the month” this September?

Woven Picot

The first stitch is a Woven Picot Stitch. This is a 3D stitch and it stands up from the fabric or if you use a small stay stitch in the tip you can keep it lying flat against the fabric. It is very therapeutic to weave the thread back and forth to create this stitch. It is also incredibly versatile. I have seen this stitch used not just for flowers and leaves but also in very imaginative ways such as succulents, a lions mane and bird feathers. The possibilities are endless with this stitch.

Vandyke Stitch

The Vandyke Stitch is another great stitch that can be used for so many different things in hand embroidery. Initially, I couldn’t imagine how I would use this personally except as a filling stitch for leaves. I put the question to you lovely Knowle Crafters on Instagram, asking how you would use this stitch, and I was amazed by all the great suggestions. There were several suggestions such as using the Vandyke Stitch as a way to create a plaited effect in someone’s hair, or angling the stitches slightly to create a spider web.

Colonial Knot

The next nomination for this months “Stitch of the Month” is the Colonial Knot. French Knots are a huge favourite of embroiderers but they have a close rival, the Colonial Knot. The final effect of a Colonial Knot is almost identical to that of a French Knot but it is stitched in a completely different way. So, if you struggle with the French Knot, then give the Colonial Knot a go.

Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch

The final option is the Alternating Twisted Chain Stitch. I love combining this stitch with other stitches like the Oyster Stitch, the Rosette Stitch or adding some French Knots. This is a great way to add some roses around a Home Sweet Home embroidery or to create a Grape vine. I love the versatility of this stitch and how delicate it is if you use a Perle Cotton.

The Winner

As always I put it to the vote on Social Media to see which stitch was your favourite. The final vote was…


I made this cute little flower by combining several Woven Picot Stitches and then used French Knots for the centre.

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