Imagine the scenario: You pick up a new craft that you’ve wanted to learn for a long time. You have already watched countless video tutorials and it seems easy enough, so finally you treat yourself to a new kit. The kit arrives and you sit down in excitement. Your area is prepped and tidy, you have all your supplies and cup of tea and cake beside you. You try and try but it is much harder than you thought it would be and you feel the tension and frustration start to boil up inside of you. Eventually you throw the kit to the back of the cupboard and vow never to try that craft again maybe even throwing in the statement “well that was a waste of time and money!”

Can you relate to that scene? So many crafters can, in fact I am yet to meet a crafter who has not experienced this at some point.

In this blog post we are going to explore 4 reasons why you should dig out that craft project and give it another go.

Reason 1: Everyone is a beginner at some point

Everyone seems to have that one craft that they naturally gravitate towards and seem to love more than any other craft. You can do those stitches with your eyes closed and it just feels easy… and easy means relaxing. .

For me that craft is embroidery. I don’t need to research things or watch tutorials because I am confident with the craft now. It wasn’t always that way though. For months even years I would do careful research and watched countless videos in order to certain stitches and techniques.

Whatever craft it is for you, remember that once upon a time you were a beginner. You likely had similar thoughts of giving up and “never trying that again” but now look at how far you have come!

Reason 2: That satisfying feeling when it goes right

As we just agreed, we are all beginners at some point. When you learned your current “go-to” craft you likely made many mistakes. At some point along your learning journey you figured out the right technique. Do you remember the feeling of satisfaction when it finally worked? There is nothing like it! The more mistakes you make the greater that satisfying feeling will be. .

As you learn a new skill and and start to reap the benefits of it your self confidence will increase and you will once again experience that inner glow as you think to yourself “I never thought I could do it…but I did! And it looks pretty awesome too!”

Reason 3: It is a learning opportunity

I am willing to bet that before throwing that project to the back of the cupboard you probably repeated this several times to yourself. But, it is true and that is why I am stating it as a reason here. You will learn things by making mistakes that you cannot learn any other way and it will be so much more memorable.

I remember when I first started embroidering. I made a notebook cover and then I wanted to add some embroidery. The way I made the cover meant I couldn’t use an embroidery hoop. In my inexperience I chose to continue. That was a big mistake! My fingers kept cramping and I ended up throwing the notebook cover away because the fabric was snagged and stretched. From that experience I have never forgotten the importance of embroidery hoops.

Reason 4: Those mistakes aren’t as bad as you think

It is such am exciting moment when someone notices your handmade dress, quilt, cushion or some other beautiful creation and they remark “wow did you make that?” .

You might see all the errors, the missed stitches, the uneven hem, the bulky thread but what other people see is a beautiful handmade item that they look at in awe.

Remember we are all our own worst critics and no crafter is perfect.

What Will You Do?

Are you feeling inspired to have another go at that one craft you have always given up on? If so, here is a challenge for you: dig out that craft project or head over to our online craft store and treat yourself to some new supplies and give that craft another go!

We currently have a summer sale on our online craft store for the month of August 2021. There is 20% off almost everything on our website. Have a look and see if there is something that takes your fancy maybe a new yarn or an embroidery kit.

What craft are you going to try again?

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