“Scissors are scissors. right? So, why should I invest in some embroidery scissors?” Have you ever said that? I know I have. That was until I made a mistake in my embroidery and the chunky fabric scissors I had to hand snipped away every stitch except for the one I intended. Now I have an ever growing collection of embroidery scissors because I just can not stitch without them.

Embroidery scissors are petite scissors that have a fine-pointed tip and very sharp blades. They are perfect for work where you have lots of detailed stitches close together.

So, now we know they are actually an essential item, the next question is which embroidery scissors should I buy? Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing your first pair:

Ice Blue Stork Embroidery Scissors

1) Pointed Tip

This is, in my opinion the most important. The whole purpose of embroidery scissors is to be able to snip away close detailed stitches without affecting the surrounding work. If it doesn’t have a fine-pointed tip then it won’t be much good…the more angular the better.

2) Sharp Blades

This is another, equally as vital, aspect of embroidery scissors. You might have the fine point but, if it doesn’t cut the thread properly, it will just lead to nothing but frustration. Sharp blades are an absolute must. They need to be able to cut the thread cleanly in 1 simple snip!

3) Sturdy Joint

When I am checking embroidery scissors, I always open and close them several times. While doing this, I pay attention to how secure the joint is. I have had embroidery scissors in the past with wobbly joints and it never feels the safest thing to use. When picking them up they would tend to swing open and, once or twice, I have caught my finger on the blade.

Powder Pink Stork Embroidery Scissors

4) Comfortable To Use

Something else to pay attention to, when using embroidery scissors, is whether or not the scissors are comfortable to use. This might look different for each person. Things like the size, the shape, are they comfortable to hold, and are they stiff when trying to move them can all play a part in answering that question. These things don’t necessarily mean that they are not well made but it could mean that they just aren’t right for you.

5) Prettiness

You may or may not agree with this one but in my opinion it is just as essential as having a sharp blade. Why would you want to look in your craft basket and see an ugly pair of scissors? Pretty embroidery scissors lift your mood and add a little fun and charm to your sewing box.

So, next time you are at a craft fair and you see some really sweet scissors on one of the stalls, you can keep these points in mind. What if you are buying online though?

At Knowle Craft, I personally test each product before stocking it in my shop. If I wouldn’t use it myself in my own embroidery projects, then I don’t encourage other to use it just so I can make a sale. You can rest assured that any embroidery scissors you purchase from Knowle Craft have been tried, tested and approved by an enthusiastic embroiderer.

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